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Apply: Swedish Institute Study Scholarships 2016

Study Scholarship: The Swedish Institute StudyScholarships (SISS) and grants target highly-qualified students from the countries listed below.

About 300 scholarships are awarded for studies in Sweden, starting in August every year. Thescholarships cover both living costs and tuition fees.

SISS is the Swedish government’s international awards scheme aimed at developing global leaders.

It is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairsof Sweden and administered by the SwedishInstitute (SI), the programme offers a unique opportunity for future leaders to develop professionally and academically, to experience Swedish society and culture, and to build a long-lasting relationship with Sweden and with each other.

Please note that in order to apply for a SwedishInstitute study grants and scholarship the student must first be admitted to a Swedish university/university college.


The program is open to candidates from two different categories of countries.

Category 1:

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burkina-Faso, Cambodia, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Mozambique,Myanmar (Burma), Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Category 2:

Brazil, China, Colombia, Egypt, India, Indonesia,South Africa and Syria.

Up to 25 scholarships within Category 2 will be allocated for applicants from South Africa (10) and Syria (15), for which there are separate initiatives. The remaining scholarships will be allocated to the remaining countries within this category.

Undergraduate and Master LevelScholarships

Scholarships are intended for studies in Sweden starting in the fall semester (August) and focus mainly on master’s level. A few scholarships will be awarded for studies at bachelor’s level.

Scholarship Eligibility

The scholarships are intended for students from the above mentioned target group for full time studies in Sweden.

There is no age limit for scholarship holders.Scholarships cannot be granted for students who:

Have already lived in Sweden for two years or more previous to the scholarship period.Have a Swedish permanent residence or work permit.Have previously been awarded a SwedishInstitute scholarship for studies at Master’s level or for research at a Swedish university.Already hold a Master’s degree from a Swedish university/university college.Are currently enrolled in a study program on Bachelor’s or Master’s level at a Swedish university or university college.

How to Apply for a Scholarship

Prior to applying for a scholarship, the student must first apply for a study program at Master’s or Bachelor’s level.

About 600 different study programs at Swedish universities are eligible for a scholarship.

Scholarship Benefits and Period

The scholarship covers both the tuition fee (which is paid directly to the Swedish university/university college by the SwedishInstitute) and living expenses to the amount of SEK 8,000 per month.

The scholarship is designed to cover living costs and study expenses for the scholarship holder. There are no grants for family members.

Travel Grants

Scholarship holders will receive a travel grant in connection with the scholarship.

The travel grant is a one-time payment of SEK 10.000.

For more information and application materials, see: Swedish Institute Study Scholarships

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