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Students Visa Tips To Study In United Kingdom – 2018

Eager students and anxious parents are usually concerned about UK student visa application. The UK government wants students from all over the world to apply and study in UK institutions.

It helps to build close ties between the UK and other countries. It also has cultural benefits.

The main requisites of a smooth UK student visa application process are that one of the educational institutions endorsed by the Department of Education and Skills should accept the student, and the candidate should secure funds for the duration of the course. The need to show liquid funds that would cover costs of the entire course plus living expenses at the time of applying for the visa is non-negotiable.

There is also the need to apply for the visa as early as possible or as soon as you receive the offer letter.

Many students prefer applying to study in the UK because of the prestigious UK institutions whose certificates are acceptable world wide. There is also availability of one-year master course as well as many scholarships.

Another appeal is that students can take up part time work and apply for work permits after they complete their courses.

The International Graduate Scheme allows students to find work on completion of their course.

The students use the extra time on their visas to apply for jobs and their employee applies for a work permit for them. This is very convenient for the students.

Scotland allows up to two years work visas after graduation. Student visa application form for UK is available at the UK Embassy or UK High Commission in your country.

Source: Advance-Africa


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