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Apply: Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for International Students

The Erasmus Mundus Scholarships, funded by the European Union, are exclusively awarded to students coming from both EU and non-EU countries that have been selected to attend one of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Programs at Masters or Doctorate level.

International scholarship is open to this target category of applicants to pursue a  Master or PhD degree program:

Category A Scholarships: Nationals from another country than the European Union Member States and Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

Category B Scholarships: Nationals from the European Union Member States, or from Switzerland, Iceland, Norway or Liechtenstein.

There are a lot of open applications which you can apply, Erasmus Mundus Scholarships is one of them. Provided you meet the above categories.

For students who want to pursue the Masters or PhD degree program, Erasmus Mundus is offering High Potential Scholarships, a great opportunity for international students to continue their study for a  Masters or PhD degree programs  in one of the finest Universities  in  European Countries.

About 116 Masters courses and 29 Joint Doctorate courses are supported by scholarships. The field(s) of study covered are: Agriculture and Veterinary, Engineering, Manufacture and Construction, Health and Welfare, Humanities and Arts, Science, Mathematics and Computing, and Social Sciences, Business and Law.

This program offers full-time scholarships and fellowships that cover monthly allowance, participation costs, traveling and insurance costs of the students.  Scholarship amounts can vary according to the level of studies, the duration of studies, and the scholar’s nationality scholarships for non-EU students are higher than for EU students.

To apply for this scholarship, you are advised to consult in advance the websites of each of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Programs that interest you. There you will find all necessary information concerning the content of the course, its structure, the scholarship amounts as well as the application and selection procedures.

Please note that each Erasmus Mundus Joint Program defines its own selection criteria and admission procedures. Students or scholars should contact the Consortium offers  the Masters or Doctoral  Programs for more information.

European Universities or Institutions participating under approved Erasmus Mundus Action Joint Programs.

Deadline varies depending on the program, but falls around December to January.

The next application round of courses starting in the academic year 2016/2017 has  started to open in the last quarter of 2015.

Now that all the information about Erasmus Mundus international scholarship with High Potential Scholarship has been delivered nicely; talented students who are eager to pursue their Masters or PhD degree program in the European Countries can apply.


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